We offer a variety of screen printing styles and techniques that helps give our customers a wider range of options for their identity apparel. While we mainly print the typical embellished look that is the industry standard, we take pride in offering a variety of options that gives our customer’s design that “WOW” factor. For our Union customers, we have several vendors that offer Union Made and Made in the U.S garments.

Standard Spot Color:
This is the most widely used, most popular style that all screen printers offer. We stock a wide range of ink colors. And can color match using our Pantone™ Matching System.

Discharge Technique:
This unique garment decoration solution makes use of water based inks, which can be printed as dye discharge, direct discharge, or even used as an under base for other types of inks. This process gives the garment a softer feel.

Softhand Technique:
This popular technique produces prints with a washed-down appearance and vintage quality, especially when combined with distressed artwork. To achieve the lighter hand, a soft-based additive is incorporated to the ink mixture and the design is printed without the use of an underlay. It’s also a popular product for towel printing.

CMYK Process Technique:
This process is performed by printing with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black translucent inks wet on wet giving a full color reproduction print. While this is a more popular print to be used on white or ash garments, we’ve figured it out how to successfully print with a white under base on dark garments and keep the integrity of the print intact.



Simulated Process Technique:
This process, commonly referred to as “sim process”, is our preferred method for printing detailed, color intensive images with a lot of blending and gradients. This print style can be used on either light or dark shirts. Ink color counts can be as low as 2, but most often fall in the 6-8 color range.

Heat Press Transfers:
This is a good process used by printing a mirrored print onto a special waxed coated paper and partially curing the ink so that it remains in a gelatin state to be used later. Very popular for those low run re-order quantities, alleviating re-set charges.
> When the design calls for it, we can offer High Density printing, 3-D process, Linticular styles, Reflective inks, Metallic inks, Embossed, Glow in the dark ink and foil transfering. And yes... we still get the occasional request for puff style inks.

Specialty Inks and Printing Methods:

Additional Specialty Inks:
We also can print on both Latex and Silicone swim caps. We also stock and print a wide range of colors for Nylon and satin garments.

Team Uniform Numbering/Personalization:
We offer both screen printed and thermo film numbers and personalized names for backs of jerseys. While the most popular font style for numbering is Pro Block, we also stock a more collegiate looking font called Yearbook. If you prefer to go with a more custom looking font, we’d steer you in the direction and thermo film that is a heat pressed application.

We also offer Contract Printing and terms for our wholesale customers. Please contact us and review our Service Agreement policies and Programs.

Print Placement

Every shop seems to have their own set of rules for print locations on garments. One measurement for print location DOES NOT FIT ALL. To remain consistent with all of our jobs, we’ve developed a standard that our screen printing department uses.

Full Front - Centered with 2/3 of logo print on virtual hash mark. Shorter front prints (up to 4”) hit over the hash mark line.

Left Crest - Place right hand over heart and pledge allegiance to the left crest Centered down from left side collar seam and approximately 4” down from front seam.

Right Crest - Mirrored from Left Crest

Full Back - Centered with print top of print approximately 4” from top seam. Shorter back prints (up to 4”) hit over the shoulder blades

Short Sleeve - Approximately 1” above the seam and centered

Long Sleeve - Center print and split the elbow

Locker Patch - Approximately 2” down from back of collar

Note: Unorthodox Print locations are to be specifically noted and signed off by customer on a job by job basis.

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