Print Placement

Every shop seems to have their own set of rules for print locations on garments. One measurement for print location DOES NOT FIT ALL. To remain consistent with all of our jobs, we’ve developed a standard that our screen printing department uses.

Full Front - Centered with 2/3 of logo print on virtual hash mark. Shorter front prints (up to 4”) hit over the hash mark line.

Left Crest - Place right hand over heart and pledge allegiance to the left crest Centered down from left side collar seam and approximately 4” down from front seam.

Right Crest - Mirrored from Left Crest

Full Back - Centered with print top of print approximately 4” from top seam. Shorter back prints (up to 4”) hit over the shoulder blades

Short Sleeve - Approximately 1” above the seam and centered

Long Sleeve - Center print and split the elbow

Locker Patch - Approximately 2” down from back of collar

Note: Unorthodox Print locations are to be specifically noted and signed off by customer on a job by job basis.

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