Adobe Illustrator: Convert all type to "outlines"; include all placed EPS or TIF files in the same directory; Note: the native file format for this version is AI what may require conversion to EPS and, consequently, additional charges may apply; to avoid this charge, save the files as version 14.0 or earlier).

Adobe Photoshop: Files must be saved as TIF, PSD or BMP formats, in RGB mode, at minimum resolution of 300 dpi with print size set at 100%. File MUST be In layers.

Corel Draw: Convert all Type to "curves", Include all placed tif, eps, or jpg files in the same directory. Save the file in Corel 15 or earlier.

Attention: We DO NOT accept computer generated artwork in MS Word, MS Office, MS Publisher, PowerPoint unless we are re-creating the art for our standard fee of $65.00 per hour For Art file sizes exceeding 25 mb, please contact us for alternative transfer (upload) means

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