Scott Odman, a Portlandian, started Expressive Press Screen Printing back in 1992. Without any formal training, he bought a book on “How to print t-shirts for fun and profit”, a 4 color press, a flash unit, a quart of black and white inks, a few used squeegees along with 4 screens and emulsion. It took about twelve attempts at exposing a screen with a home-made light box unit before he had an acceptable stencil to work with. His first job – a 48 piece two color front, two color back for an organization that obviously didn’t care too much about quality. But, that set him off on a path towards a new career where he quickly added signage and graphic design to his resume. In 2001, he got tired of people saying “Espresso Press?” when he answered the phone and so Odman House was born.

Just recently…
In May of 2015, his wife Paula, an RN, got a job offer in Grants Pass, Oregon. It didn’t take too much thought and within a few months, the move was done and shop setup. We still continue to provide quality service and maintain relationships with our customers up north as well as nationwide. We want to show Southern Oregonians that same treatment of service.

Why Choose Us?

*Quality products at competitive prices

*Excellent customer service

*We expedite orders on-time, exactly the way you request it

*Creative and cutting edge graphic design and process. Our right brain is in over-drive.

*Odman House holds a reputable portfolio and isn’t afraid of taking on the projects other say is impossible or too hard.

*Armed with a powerful search engine, we can offer thousands of promotional products from our reputable partners

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